Observations on three ways the pandemic is likely to impact how we plan and think about city living going forward.

Concept cars are tangible and emotional versions of the future

Om vikten av att anknyta till platsens unika identitet när man berättar om hur framtiden ska se ut

Berättelsen bakom berättelsen — reflektioner om storytelling som verktyg

Konceptbilen Audi AI:Trail presenterades på bilmässan i Frankfurt 2019.

Vad städer kan lära sig av biltillverkare

Swedish cities are using storytelling to speed up the transition to climate neutrality by 2030. A tool to help that transition is a co-created declaration of what that future will feel like to its inhabitants. And it’s free for all cities to use.

En reflektion kring vår tids Marshallplan

Using the power of storytelling to achieve an ambitious goal of making carbon neutral cities believable and attractive.

Whenever you manage to get your audience to laugh, you can place some facts on their tounges and make them swallow it.

The good news it that it can be fixed.

Maybe it’s yours, too?

Per Grankvist

Exploring storytelling as a tool to get us to sustainable future even quicker @viablecities

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